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The Story of Silos

The Story of Silos


THE STORY OF SILOS was a collaborative theatrical public art project and event that transformed a historic abandoned silo structure at Saint Gobain Industries in Worcester with the Seven Hills Charter School. Over a six month residency, students (K-8th grade) learned cinematic skills; responded to personal, social, educational, ecological and economic issues; and were empowered to believe their ideas, beliefs and artworks can play a meaningful role in our world community.

The project integrated art-making workshops, video projections, shadow puppetry, poetry, music, dance and an hour-long documentary film at the West Boylston Movie Theater. This film involved over 200 students and artists Jena Grover, Noah Paul, Keith Wasserman, Jason Daniels, Casey Hickey, Christine Olsen, Dan Staples, and TRM Artistic Director Jerry Beck. The goal of the project was to inspire young people to believe in their talents and that they can play a meaningful role in Worcester’s future as a visionary city of diversity, aesthetic experimentation, social change, economic vitality and growth.

The word ‘silo’ is derived from the Greek word (siros), “pit for holding grain” and is believed first used in the 5th Millennium B.C. in the Middle East and later by the Greeks in the 8th century BC. The first modern silo has been recognized as invented by Fred Hatch in 1873. Silos are also used to describe in the business world such as having a ‘Silo Mentality’ that occurs when several departments or groups do not want to share information or knowledge with other individuals in the same company. A silo mentality reduces efficiency and can be a contributing factor to a failing corporate culture. This project will represent how young people, artists, educators, city officials and the community can work together towards common goals.

Special Thanks:To Saint-Gobain for use of their silo structure.

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