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The Revolving Museum will collaborate with local youth to create the World’s Largest Bread Mural for the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM)

TRM will involve local youth in AVAM’s “Yummm! The History, Fantasy, and Future of Food,” Exhibition from Oct. 8th, 2016 – Sept. 3, 2017. 
Beck will also display the bread mural project in Fitchburg in November, 2017

TRM Founder Jerry Beck has been invited to participate in the prestigious American Visionary Art Museum’s (AVAM) upcoming “Yummm! The History, Fantasy, and Future of Food.” The exhibition will feature artworks by thirty-three visionary artists that join forces with food scientists, farmers, nutritionists, environmental activists, psychologists, poets and humorists to investigate humankind’s complex, multi-layered, relationship with food.

AVAM is known as one of America’s most inventive and pioneering national museums and education centers. CNN touted AVAM as “one of the most fantastic museums anywhere in America,” and The Economist characterized the AVAM museum as America’s “most innovative.” Yummm! The History, Fantasy, and Future of Food is our American Visionary Art Museum’s 22nd original mega exhibition. Envisioned under the direction of Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, AVAM’s founder, director and principal curator, Yummm! marks the co-curatorial debut of John Lewis, AVAM’s interim Assistant Director.

“To be selected to exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum is quite an honor,” said TRM Founder/Director Jerry Beck, “I am so excited to be able to showcase the creative talents of hundreds of people in this important exhibition and then bring the mural back here next year to display.”

“I’ve been a fan of Jerry Beck and The Revolving Museum for over a decade. He is one of New England’s most visionary artists . He inspires people of all backgrounds to participate in his public artworks that revitalize abandoned sites, museums, public spaces, people’s homes, and vehicles of travel. I am so excited to have him included in this special exhibition,” remarks Founder/Director Rebecca Alban Hoffberger.

For the Yummm! project, Beck will invite hundreds of youth, artists and community members to make bread art responding to a wide-range of issues such as hunger, poverty, ethnicity, ecology, economics and other significant social issues. Their bread artworks will be permanently glued and shellacked onto over 250, 18” x 26” baking pans.  These artworks will then be attached to produce a 10’ high x100’ foot long all bread mural (the largest such work ever created) integrating dozens of different ethnic breads and baking equipment.

Beck has already kicked off the bread project with David Thibault Munoz and his Mount Wachusett Community College students Brenda Calderon, Kyle Woodward, Jonathan Burgos, Lauren Belanger, Kyle Ciliberti, David Cormier.

“At first, my students couldn’t fully understand how they could make meaningful art out of bread. Then they began to collaborate. Soon, they came up with works that expressed values that were important to them such as peace, balance and love. They also made art about curing breast cancer and stopping wars that target low income communities both here and abroad. Art is a powerful tool for young people. It gives them a voice and a sense of pride,” said David Thibault Munoz.

TRM Board member Scott Percifull agrees, “our award-winning art projects provide young people an opportunity to be recognized for their talents. Art is one of the best activities to express oneself, learn new skills, ignite their passion, and build their self-esteem. It has the uncanny ability to open people’s hearts and minds.”

Next week, TRM will continue its partnership with Fitchburg and Leominster’s Boys and Girls Club. Jerry Beck and Coraly Rivera will led a series of bread art-making workshops with kids involved with their summer program.

“Jerry and his team always peaks my interest.  TRM projects, like us, involves STEAM educational programming that is fun, creative and  community building. We are thrilled to participate,” said Fitchburg and Leominster Boys and Girls Club Director Donata Martin.

To find out about other bread art-making workshops contact Jerry Beck at [email protected]

Sponsors: Wonder Bakery Outlet, Fitchburg/Leominster Boys and Girls Club, Country Pizza 


THE AMERICAN VISIONARY ART MUSEUM (AVAM) is America’s official national museum and education center for original, self-taught, intuitive artistry. Since its opening in 1995, the museum has sought to promote the recognition of intuitive, self-reliant, creative contribution as both an important historic and essential living piece of treasured human legacy. The one-of-a-kind American Visionary Art Museum is located at 800 Key Highway, Baltimore Inner Harbor. Three renovated historic industrial buildings house wonders created by farmers, housewives, mechanics, retired folk, the disabled, the homeless, as well as the occasional neurosurgeon—all inspired by the fire within. From carved roots to embroidered rags, tattoos to toothpicks, the visionary transforms dreams, loss, hopes, and ideals into powerful works of art and thought. Open Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–6pm. Admission prices, directions, and more handy info can be found at


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