Project Soar

Project Soar Press Release


Big Thanks to Fitchburg State University student Amanda Loebelenz for designing the logo for PROJECT SOAR: Creating The World’s Largest Paper Airplane!

Animation by Fitchburg State University Film Student Kyle Bradway

The Revolving Museum is embarking on its most ambitious project in its 34 year history entitled PROJECT SOAR: Creating The World’s Largest Paper Airplane. This public artwork will become a Guinness World Record.

Inspired by Fitchburg’s paper-making history, this public art and educational project will involve the participation of over 2500 artists, students (K-College), and community volunteers in the creation of a 50 foot-long paper airplane that will take flight at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport this May and or June in front of a huge enthusiastic crowd that will get World-Wide Attention.

The first paper airplane is believed to have originated 2,000 years ago in China. Making paper airplanes and watching them fly inspires people of all ages about the beauty and magic of flight. Flight is a powerful metaphor for freedom, the power of our imaginations, escaping struggles, traveling and the reaching of our dreams.

The paper airplane will consists of a bamboo armature that will be covered with a paper skin of artworks, writings, photographs, origami, and other paper-made expressions. PROJECT SOAR will invite the participation of people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities from Allston schools, after-school programs, youth groups, adult education programs, social service agencies, hospitals, and businesses.

Through TRM’s Visionary School, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) a public art curriculum program, participants will study early innovators like Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Christian Huygens, Issac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli Wilbur and the Wright Brothers all of which laid the foundation of human flight.

The opening event will take place in early June at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport and will draw thousands of participants, community members and tourists alike to experience this World Record achievement.

After the opening day event, The Revolving Museum will be actively displaying the paper airplane in parades, festivals, and hopefully at the Boston International Airport, Worcester Airport, and ultimately at the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space in Washington DC.

Here is a short video we recently produced with youth from the Rotary Club and Adolescent Wellness Inc. that will be used to recruit many young people throughout Massachusetts.


Project Soar from Peter Keto on Vimeo.

Fitchburg High School Principal Jeremy Roche is going to play a major role in PROJECT SOAR by involving the entire school to make artworks responding to every academic subject. In addition, every class will be photographed so students can become passengers on the World’s Largest Paper Airplane. Go Red Raiders!





Fitchburg State University Education Professor Dr. Danette Day invited Jerry Beck to work with her students to create educational philosophies, inspirational stories, messages, poems and photographs.